Clutter Removal & Junk Hauling Services

  • Tackling the clutter problem is NOT easy but it pays a huge return on investment (ROI).

  • Once you tackle the clutter problem, you will find that it becomes much easier to manage your life.

  • Bring joy, happiness and creativity in as you fill up the newly found FREE space.

  • We get great satisfaction at Action Junk Removal from seeing the smiles on our customers faces as they realize that the stress from the clutter will no longer control their life

woman standing in clutter being removed by Action junk removal

Clutter is anything that doesn’t provide value to your life

Just point a finger to the clutter you want removed and we will donate usable items and haul junk to the dump.

  There is no better time to de-clutter than NOW

  • You are going to feel a lot of resistance – PUSH through it, the Home you want is on the other side of the project.

  • Tackle one room or space at a time (closet, book shelf, cabinet)!  It is like spring cleaning on steroids.

  • 3 box minimum: 1 for donations, 1 for storage, 1 for trash, Or you could just point a finger to the clutter you want donated, the junk you want removed and let Action Junk Removal Happily do all the work for you! 

  • Turn on your favorite music, clear your mind and get ready to purge.

  • Remember to only keep those things that make you HAPPY and provide joy.

  • After you complete room one walk around your house with your pad of sticky notes with the intention of placing one on everything that you no longer want, need or love – furniture, wall art, etc.  Don’t think about it … use the 5 second rule and let your heart decide (this is not a thinking thing).

  • Remember: the past doesn’t look good on you or in your house.  Memories do not vanish when a physical object leaves your space so LET IT GO.  Take a digital picture if it is something you really want to remember!

  • Support can be beautiful … if you have a trusted friend that will help you with the task schedule a de-clutter party.  Friends don’t let friends live in clutter.

  • You can count on AJR Action Junk Removal to be there for you, and you can Trust us to work with you, as we want to please. 

family enjoying cooking in kitchen after action junk removal hauled clutter and junk away

Open up the flow in your space and start living a life with only the things that truly matter.

  • More simplicity and less stress will create the clutter free space you need.

  • Your peace of mind gained by having a clutter-free life will open up opportunities for you.

  • Behind the clutter is a Life on Purpose. 

Action Junk Removal, LLC iin Saint Petersburg and Tampa FL provides over the top junk hauling services.

Are you ready to get rid of the CLUTTER? 

  • Call Action Junk Removal today to schedule your junk removal so you can get to living the life you were meant to live.

  • Action junk removal will make your home Free of Clutter, Free of Stress, Room for Life.


Organized, breathable space starts with you!

  • You must take action in order to move forward.

  • Call for AJR Action junk removal for junk hauling services in Saint Petersburg at 727 201-4922 or in Tampa at 727 317-7170




action junk removal crew working on house cleanouts